The Crazy Cat Lady’s…..Neighbors

I think at some point everyone has heard the stories of the lady that has many many oh so many cats running around. To the point that everywhere you look, there is not one but two cats. At some point during my DH growing up years, he truly lived next to one of these people. He can tell a few stories and the one that I have heard the most was about how their yard was not a yard but a litter box. I don’t know that he has ever recovered.

My husband while truly allergic, has a slight disliking of cats on property. To me it is almost humorous as I watch him run from the car stomping and making noise to shoo them off the property. Well last night topped the cake and I felt the need to share with blog land.

We had just turned off the bedside lamps and were laying down to hopefully peaceful slumbers, when we heard this LOUD MEOWWWCKKKK. Uh Oh….cat fight. Then we heard a whump followed by dut dut dut dut dut….This was our bulldog jumping off the couch and running to our big kitchen windows to see said fight on our front deck. Then he ran to front door and back to kitchen. Now was when it gets interesting. My husband instead of letting things run their course proceeds to hop out of bed and get dressed to go outside. I then hear the doors opening and he is running around on the deck trying to get the cats off our property. If that wasn’t good enough he comes back inside grabs our bulldog and goes back outside with him letting him walk around property and hopefully scare off any hiding cats.

After a few rounds outside he finally comes back in for the evening, completely serious about getting the cats off the property. I don’t know when I’m going to get over finding this little tidbit about my DH incredibly funny. It does irritate me that we have them in our yard just because it riles up our dogs, but that is about it. I have a feeling chili powder on the deck rails may be in our near future. If it can keep ferrel cats out of garbage then I’m sure it can keep neighbor cats off our front deck. 🙂

You have any amusing stories about a dear spouse little pet peeves? I’d love to hear them.


When you catch the Sniffles or LUV TRUUUUUU LUV

Everyone reacts a little differently. There are those that pretend they aren’t sick and keep going running themselves into covers taking a bit longer to attempt and recover. Then there is me that will dive bomb the covers and stay there until I start to feel human again.

Then there are those who still attempt to shower, look cute for spouses sake and try the look good to feel good technique. Me, not so much….took one shower this last weekend and made no attempt to look cute. The tissue overflow around me I’m sure helped. Wish I looked like Meg in You’ve Got Mail, but not so much.

Then there is the moment in between the sniffles, tissues and greasy hair where you husband in all seriousness still says you look hot. I think he may be a little crazy, but he was serious. Reason 156 that I love him.

What do you do when you are sick?

To Pin or Not to Pin

Yes oh yes I’m talking about the wonderful and yet so evil Pinterest. I’ve seen it sweeping the blog world, sweeping facebook as it now posts to there as well. Talk at lunch tables at work and in the halls and it is EVERYWHERE. I’ve been asked a few times if I have joined this world. And well the truth is no, I haven’t. I feel compelled to tell the reason why.

I’m going to start by saying that originally I thought it was Pine terest not Pin terest. I possibly think that my original definition of pining was correct, it is creating a deep longing for. About a year ago I was obsessed with blogging and reading other blogs. Reading blog from homemakers, moms, working wifes, design blogs, cooking blogs and about everything in between. I found recipes, crafts, projects, ideas and so much more! I constantly was planning the next remodel, the next project I could save up for. I was following over 100 blogs and seemed to find new links every day. And then one day it hit me like a 2×4, think Tommy Boy.

I had become completely discontent with my life. I had no reason to be discontent I had everything I needed and blessed with so much more. Yet because of the new found pining of projects and abilities, crafts and the time to do them I had become miserable. I wanted to have the funds to go buy old furniture refinish everything and make a totally awesome room. Sad thing is, that as beautiful as I think that makes the room it honestly isn’t me but I WANTED IT! I wanted to do projects that weren’t even me, but felt compelled to do them?!?!?!?! Why, because they were awesome and homemakery???

So as Pinterest comes out and the wave starts and is taking over people everywhere at least for now I will bow out. I will still choose to do projects, but I will do this on my time in my terms and only for something I actually have interest in. If I want a recipe I will search for options on that one concept, not become obsessed with the next 100 recipes I feel the need that I have to try to be the best housewife. I don’t want to feel like a failing housewife seeing 1000’s of ideas that are awesome and great, but not for me and then feel guilty about it. I know that a majority of it is my own issues, but seriously why do it to yourself?

Anyways there is my rant for the day. What do you think about Pinterest?

Hope and Encouragement

While not reading as much I still read and will blog for the occasional book. Recently I received a copy of Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder as a complimentary copy for review by Multnomah Publishers. The catch line is Choosing to Stand for What Matters Most. There are 18 chapters, 18 real life stories that inspire and encourage and help reveal the heart of God.

The moment starting the book it captures you as the author is caught hanging off the mountain side having made a bad turn on the path. Each chapter starts off a story that will grab you hook line and sinker. It uses many different examples to show God’s love for his daughters, for His children. One of the beautiful pictures it paints throughout the book is a beautiful woman giving up the crowns of entitlement and grabbing the sword to be a warrior for God.

Perhaps one of my favorite stories was one for the puppy, no the boulder, or the smile. Well I honestly don’t know because there were really too many. The boulder though was a great reminder that the things we think are the most permanent the things that we trust and put our faith in the world can still change. We can’t take anything for granted. It was the great picture that money, position, loved ones, jobs, any of them can come and go in a heartbeat. The only foundation, the only unchanging thing is God.

I can’t say anything negative about this book. Well, I guess I could say that you may need some kleenex. There were numerous times it brought tears to my eyes. Either way I would recommend reading it!

Odd very odd

Yesterday morning was my day before the birthday start of birthday weekend celebration. My little group in my office is like a mini family support system to get through our days. I had told them I would bring in something to add to the celebration of Friday and in preparation of my birthday. There was only one catch. Thursday night I completely forgot about making any sort of dessert.

I intended to try and wake up earlier Friday morning to make a quick batch of cookies. My DH laughed at me joking there was no way I’d be up and alert to make cookies in the morning as I’m usually not. Well to both of our surprise I was up and out of bed even before my alarm went off. Up and to the kitchen I went making some chocolate peanutbutter chip cookies. The cookies turned out delicious and the plate quickly disappeared at work.

While all of this was well and good, I found it quite sad in reflection. I can wake up early, be alert and happy in order to make cookies; yet I can’t wake up worth anything if the word exercise or workout is in part of the equation! We have a variety of ways to exercise around the house now, easily making the simple tools of a home gym yet I can never get up to take advantage of it. DH has joked that maybe if he dangled a cookie in my face I may just run after him. Sadly I think he may be right…:) Ok…goal for next week. Wake up earlier if only to do 20 minutes of  yoga or 20 minutes on the bike trainer…I CAN do this….I WILL do this.

Why is gaining weight so much easier than losing it….still one size gone from last year, better get a hurry on this year and maybe I can get 2!

Trying to get fabulous in 2012!

A Little Blessing

Sometimes things happen in life that we don’t necessarily know why. Occasionally God gives us a glimpse of his plan while we still walk this earth. Then there are times that we don’t find out till we get our wings, and then sometimes we just get a blessing that reminds us God is in control and always loves us.

Last month was one such reminder. I’ve posted before that a little over a year ago I lost a dear friend. A friend I could go watch chick flicks with and even enjoy shopping for the unmentionables with. Somehow it is just more fun having shopping for a new uh…support system with a friend that tells you that is soo cute, rather than a husband that tells you that looks supportive. We need supportive + cute! 

I’ve never been one to have many friends, just a few close ones that I can share lifes ups and downs with. A weekend shortly after my friends accident we went to church and our church was praying for the different families in the 3 accidents that happened so close to the same time. Breaking into tears an unknown little redhead stopped and gave me a big hug and helped clean me up in the bathroom. I don’t cry cute! I didn’t remember getting her name, but just thinking it was soo sweet that someone I didn’t know did that.

The following January I was determined to get to know more people from church. I ended up inviting numerous couples over for dinner at different times and thought that we really needed to invite over redhead and her husband and kid for dinner just to get to know them. It is a little over a year later and sometimes I’m still blown away how God moves. The family ended up celebrating almost all major holidays with us in 2011. I’m pretty positive that there will be quite a few in 2012 as well. And in January we were talking and realizing it was time for the dreaded unmentionable shopping. (I swear it is almost worse than jeans!) She volunteered to go with me to help me try and find something. We went shopping had fun, and found some cute….support systems.

When I got home and took them out of the bag all I could do was start crying though. Because I realized that while no-one can replace the friend I lost, God can bring new friendships. Friendship that can go unmentionable shopping, or just grocery shopping and have fun. I would have never guessed that the day in tears of losing a friend, God could be sending me another. So blessed that God knows best!

Oh My Goodness

Has it really been around three months since I’ve blogged? I many times thought of great posts or that I need to get back to blogging, but my good intentions haven’t gotten me very far.

While I wouldn’t say that I have new years resolutions I would say that I have goals. Here are a few of them for the new year.

1. Play piano more, my skills have been sliding.
2. Train levi to walk on leash. I like my shoulder in the socket.
3. Pay off Satine and have two paid for vehicles. Yes, I name all vehicles.
4. Finish daily Bible reading plan for year. I have yet to finish a yearly plan, would really like to!
5. Clean/pretty up one section of our front yard.
6. Try out at least 4 more of our camping resort locations.
7. Master cinnamon rolls and try making a gourmet cheesecake.
8. Lose one pant size. Lost one last year, lets go for another one this year. You have to have one weight loss goal, it’s like a requirement.
9. Grow current friendships and make some new ones.
10. Fall more in love each day with hot, hunky, cutiepie husband! That won’t be difficult 🙂

No particular order and lots of randomness, but there you have it. While not on the list, blogging more consistently with keeping up on scrapbooking should be!

Try and fill in a few highlights of the last couple of months over the next few weeks.

Stay fabulous in the new year!