Can’t decide…

So in effort to find something more reader friendly, I have decided to move my blog from tumblr to wordpress.

I had a couple of people who had issues trying to follow it without signing up for an account. Or people who wanted to get emails and I wasn’t finding a way to make it work for that.

I’m still going to be talking about life and what I find to do and learn in the time taken back from turning off the tv. Last night was the 3rd time I’ve been able to meet with my friend and go for a walk/run. Each time our pace has improved and we’ve been able to run more and walk less. Last night it was about a mile of each (which was more running than last time). Hopefully next week we can increase the amount of running.

Also in this past week, it has been nice to have a few more discussions with Eric about what our current small group is teaching us and how we want to make changes to our lives. How even small things we can do, effect the lives of others. We don’t have to send millions/sell everything/move to Africa to make a difference. We can send 50 bucks and buy chickensI’m excited to see the start of this as we are planning for Christmas.


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