An Interesting Weekend

So after talking to my husband about bike riding, I was able to convince him to go with me for a 2.5 mile ride. Then tried jogging for the first time after being on the bike. Didn’t go to far with Sadie but I didn’t feel like it was my legs I was running on. It will take a while to get used to that.

Saturday night and Sunday we went traveling around with Eric’s brother Jeremy. We had lots of laughs as we tried finding some random things without much luck. One of those things was Charlie, I got an email late Saturday night stating that he had already been adopted and thanks for the interest. So it will be the last time looking at any shelter that does adoptions that way, but since Eric has agreed now about looking for a new dog I will be keeping a lookout 🙂

I wasn’t going to keep track of the TV watching hours this last week as I had originally planned that our “anniversary date” was going to be a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon with steaks for dinner. Well we watched 2 of the movies at different times and didn’t have steak. (Eric didn’t fall asleep through the movies and even liked them, but ssshhh I didn’t tell you!) So I don’t have a total for the week but it feels like more than we had the last couple of weeks. This week we want to make sure it is back within the limit and make sure that we are staying more active. Funny how the more TV you watch, the more lethargic you feel and then the less you want to get up to go do something. Much easier to keep it off to begin with!!

TV shouldn’t be a problem this week as we will be kept busy between small group, running, baking, and then the Scentsy party on Friday night. This weeks to-do list is going to include getting a planner or big magnetic kitchen calendar to start keeping track of things as the Holidays draw nearer. My brain is starting to run dates together and I want to make sure I don’t double book and make the best use of the time we have this season!

If you have been watching less TV, let me know what you are finding to fill your time with!

Blessings on everyone’s week!


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  1. I am with you on the struggle to find things to do without turning on the TV. Sadly, with school and work, Jeremy and I have found ourselves watching more Netflix movies than every before. It’s dark and cold out, so we’re stuck inside. All we do is read, study, and write. And we’re fried. An hour or two in front of the boob-tube starts to sound nice.But you inspire me to keep questing for alternatives! I love to hear how you solve the conundrum!

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