In Two Years

As time goes by….so the lyrics go. Last night we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. After the weekend plans failed, I was determined to do something memorable. Nothing fancy, (Every “fancy” restaurant I called is closed on Mondays. GRRR) but I surprised Eric by picking him up at work and taking him back to Randy’s in Anacortes. We had gone there a little over a year before and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.  Dinner was delicious, service was wonderful, and conversation delightful. The couple behind us heard our dilemma choosing a dessert, and made a recommendation that turned out scrumptious!

An anniversary is a marvelous time. It is a celebration of another year of life shared together. It is nice to take time to reflect on the things learned and what the last year has brought and sometimes taken. We have gained new friendships and changed churches. We have lost a best friend and a family member. The Lord has been faithful and provided us time to take a vacation where I could finally meet Eric’s Dad and LeAnn. And the biggest change of the year was God blowing us away and opening the door wide open to an incredible deal for a house. Something we never dreamed would happen in year 2 of marriage. (That was in the 5-7 year plan in our minds!)

Even when looking at all that has happened it is still hard for me to believe sometimes. It is a good reminder to me that our time is limited and to make the best of what we are given. A reminder that God’s timing is not necessarily our timing and we have to be listening to see where He is leading us. In my mind I have don’t have any “big” plans for year 3. I personally would like to be able to get a second dog and do a couple triathlons next year and maybe a couple of weekend getaways with Eric. I don’t know if any of those things are in His plans for this coming year. Taking time away from the TV gives me more of a chance to read the Word and make sure that I am doing my part in keeping us in the plan that He has for us. Because that plan…is the best plan.

What has life brought you in the past year that you didn’t expect?


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  1. Sounds like such a nice Anniversary! I can’t believe you guys are already on year 3.

    This year I was able to quit the difficult job and go back to school, which were both blessings. But the unexpected wonderful turned out to be landing the exact job I’d been hoping for, and discovering a gift for programming. At this point, I’m just going to keep doing my best and see which doors open next. It’s amazing how little we can predict!

    • I agree. I’m really happy that you have found something that you are interested in doing and working in a job that doesn’t constantly leave you stressed! Excited to see where that takes you!

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