What Counts?

Last night Eric and I got into a discussion of what would count as TV watching time. Both Monday and Tuesday night I had put a show on for Eric while I worked on my scrapblog in the living room. He promptly passed out while I sort of watched and then worked on the scrapblog. I told him that I thought I should divide the hours of the shows in 2 and call that my time for the week so far. Logically, I only was half watching the shows, right? Eric laughed and said that wasn’t going to work for me and I should count the total show time. His logic is that I should be fully focused on what I am doing. Which in my mind I say I’ m a girl I can multitask, focus haha I’m always focused. 🙂

BUT for all intents and purposes of what this blog is supposed to be about he is right. 😦 So instead of me sneaking by at 2 hours so far for this week, I’m really at 3:20. So last night I finished my work on scrapblog, set aside the computer, made my air popped popcorn and thoroughly focused and enjoyed my episode of NCIS. (Please note that we do not have cable and when I watch a TV show it is because they are at least a season old so do not spoil anything current as I haven’t gotten there yet 🙂 )

So there you have it. Trying to break TVaholism isn’t easy. I was trying to non-intentionally sneak it and got busted    😦   In other news for this week, I have almost finished another book and have a couple of new ones waiting at the library. Also a couple of Christmas presents are finished and now ready to order. Scrapblog is a wonderful thing! The most exciting is that Eric is ready to start the adoption search. Saturday we are heading to PAWS in Lynwood and see if we can’t find ourselves another 4 legged kid.


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