Only 5.3 hours! YAY!

So maybe I shouldn’t be too excited about my total because this week was insanely busy. Or maybe that is the point is to be active and out doing things and getting to know people and not on your butt watching the big screen? Exercising this week…well not so much but I did walk to and from work most of the week. SO that is 1.5 miles for each day I walk to work. Not much but everything helps. Friday night was a Scentsy party and a lot of fun. I was able to get to know a couple of people from church that I usually don’t get much time to talk with. And I always find it wonderful when I can get either of the moms out of the house to something social. So it was a blessing to have them there and see them visiting with other people.

So the continuing journey to find a new family member. Saturday we went down to Camano island animal shelter sure that Hammer/Hammy was going to be the “one”. He looked so cute online and when I called they had described him as 60 lbs and he sounded wonderful. We got there and the guy was cute but a tank and didn’t look that much like a black lab. There was another really cute lab mix named Remy there who was 9 months. He was WAAAYYY too much energy for Sadie. So after that we headed down to Paws in Lynwood. That is a really nice shelter for anyone looking to adopt a dog/cat. There was a boy named Frankie who was a 4 year old black lab. Super cute but again way to much energy. As we were walking back into the kennels area there was this bulldog with his tongue sticking out that turned and looked at me. My heart melted. I kept hearing my friend Candace in my head saying look for the perfect temperament of dog not the perfect breed. (A bulldog really wasn’t on my list of ideal breeds I was looking for!) But we met him and he just stood there and wiggled and was so chill. We were told that he had even met little kids and he just stood there and wiggled not trying to tackle or play hard with them. We ran out of time to have him meet Sadie and had to go as they were closing for the day. We had a late start to the day but there is a whole different adventure.

Sunday we headed back down there after church. My Mom to my total surprise wanted so badly to go with us to see the new doggy we might be getting followed us down to Lynwood. (Normally we’d go in the jeep but that is currently down for the week. 😦 ) We got Sadie and took them to the meet and greet area. He was so relaxed letting her check him out and then wasn’t pushy with her at all. By the end of the short meet and greet, seeing him play (There were a few concerns that he might be too relaxed from seeing him the night before!) and how the 2 of them seemed to be getting along, we were back in office filling out papers for adoption our new baby boy!

Just signed the paperwork!

Made a few quick stops on the way home and took him to visit our family friends. Then at home it was getting the second bed out, the kennel down and bath time. He is going to be a 2 person job for bath time. Oiy. But all in all it was a good night. Sadie will have to learn to give him some boundaries about where she wants to sleep or toys, but I think by the end of the week they will be best of friends. I’m so excited. The family feels complete, at least for the next 5 or so years 😉

That concludes this past weekends adventure highlights! This week will be busy getting used to a new rhythm with a second dog, several walk/runs, cleaning and making my menu for Thanksgiving, small group and grocery shopping. WOW that sounds like a lot when everything gets written down!! Hope that you have a productive week as we come upon this Holiday season!



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