This morning I was running late for work distracted by the cuteness of Levi. He has the biggest dopiest face ever and has totally stolen my heart. So my normal time for leaving when walking to work is 7:10 and usually get to work with 4 or 5 minutes to spare to put lunch away, clock in, etc. Today I walked out the door at 7:14. That would make me late if I walked at my normal speed. So I’m half walking/half running praying I don’t get an occurrence for making it to work late. Watching my co-worker wave as she passes me riding the bus, it was a total Tommy Boy moment. I make it to work with a few minutes to spare. A new PR for getting to work in 11 1/2 minutes, YAY! But as I walk into to work this song comes to mind Time is on my Side (namely because it really wasn’t this morning). Whenever I hear this song I think of the movie Fallen.

Denzel Washington stars this movie about chasing a serial killer. I honestly don’t remember that much of the movie. I probably watched it once over 10 years ago when my mom and I had stayed at a hotel and thought it was a safe bet since Denzel was in it. Scared the you know what out of me and I lied awake a majority of the night watching whatever “happy” channel was on to get the movie out of my head. Reason why the movie still “haunts” me years later you might ask? Let me tell you what I do remember about it.  It was a demon form that was able to move from body to body as he wished and killed people. His theme song was the Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side. And that is how you knew he moved because the next form would automatically start whistling or singing this song. ~Spoiler Alert~ The final images of the movie is that he has left even the detective dead and has taken a new form and is walking down the street whistling this tune. I could be slightly off, but it is what I remember. Time was on his side and all he left behind was death and destruction…

I am by no means recommending this movie, but it is a good mental image for me that time is short. Time is precious and not to be wasted. We are given only a set period of time and we don’t know how many days we have on this earth. Satan wants to take our time, living lives that are either really dark (without Jesus) or even just so busy that we forget the BIG picture of what God wants to accomplish with our lives!

Now please hear me that I am in no way suggesting that everyone needs to go live life as a full-time missionary in Asia, India, Africa or wherever. People can be busy with work, kids, finishing a degree or any number of things. And God needs people with those degrees getting the jobs that will allow them to serve in a new places. God needs people who are raising a God-fearing next generation. But no matter what we are doing, no matter what place we are in our lives we need to remember that God is also concerned for the whole world. He has given us as Americans more blessings than we could ask for when we look at the reality around the world.

If our lives are as short as these NW winter gusts in the grand plan of all eternity how much “damage” (for the good mind you) are we doing??? Is the life I am living just for me and my family? Or is it living with a greater purpose, God’s purpose? Would someone see me as the Samaritan who stopped and gave a coat to someone who was cold? Food to someone who was hungry? Gas for the mom looking like she is at her wit’s end? Giving a ride to someone who doesn’t have transportation? (Which someone so graciously gave to me this past weekend!) Mosquito nets for families in Africa that could die from Malaria if they get bitten? I can’t solve all the worlds problems, sometimes I can barely solve my own. But I can do little things as God gives me eyes to see them, ears to hear His call, resources to spread His love to the nations. I want my life’s gust of wind to be gale force and reach the end of the world or as far as God will let it reach! I don’t want to let Satan steal my time on earth and not have lived a life full of purpose for God. I don’t want to have my ashes spread only to have the devil move on still whistling  Time Is On My Side! Our time is right NOW. How are we going to use it? Where do you want your gust of life to take you? Let me know!


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  1. Great post Nicole!! I have to add that the majority of us can be missionaries right here at home…I remember a lady telling Pat Robertson that she had always wanted to be one and her husband didn’t want to…she was pushing for her way and Pat told her that she needed to stay home with her husbands wishes…but I always wished that he had added that she had a missions field right here in the US! ;O)

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