Traditions as Families

This past week has started what I hope to be a permanent new tradition. Tuesday night was small group and the attendees are also really good friends. So dinner is becoming a tradition before starting the nights discussions. Now more than ever with the 2 dogs, we had dinner at the table with our guests. (Yay for finally having a real kitchen!) Wednesday as I was finishing preparing dinner Eric came out to the kitchen and again started moving the fixings for Taco Night to the table. Thursday Eric made breakfast burritos and I was able to again move to the kitchen table.  We started talking about if we ever really ate at the table growing up. I remember it at my grandparents house and on special occasions at my own place but never as a regular family tradition. Eric remembered some but not all the time. I asked him if we could start that right now as the two of us!

In the past the TV was always a part of dinner time. Usually eating in front of it or at my grandparents house with the TV angled towards the dining area. It is a weird habit to start breaking. Yet for the past few nights gathered around the table it has been relaxing. It gives time to enjoy the culinary experience even if it as simple as tacos or breakfast burritos. We have been able to enjoy extended conversation talking about our week, upcoming plans, life etc. Also eating at the table is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle as we can watch what we are eating instead of the TV, making it easier to know when to stop. This should help me specifically because I down way more than is needed when distracted by the TV.

We talked about perhaps having an occasional pizza and a movie night but the act of doing so would become a special occasion and not the norm. I laughingly joked that this extra time would help us work on the doctorates of each others heart. To which the reply was cheesy and will spare you. The idea of doctorates comes from the movie Fireproof, and if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend renting it. A clean movie with a message that is definitely heart warming!

The more the TV is off the weirder it is to have it on. And yet with it being so close to winter and dark it can be difficult to find other alternatives. If having dinner in front of the TV is your norm I would challenge you to find at least one day to try it at the table. While dinner at the table was already a tradition at the beginning stages, I was reminded of its importance reading a friends blog . While it isn’t necessarily on turning the TV off it has a valid point and goes perfectly with this.

Let me know if you try out a dinner at the table night! Was it weird or refreshing?? Or is this something that you already have established as a family tradition?


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  1. We’ve been eating at the table since the beginning of our marriage. We both grew up in homes where dinner was often eaten in front of the TV, and neither one of us wanted to maintain this habit. Now I find I enjoy my food more when I eat at the table with the love of my life in front of/beside me. We spend more time thinking about what we eat, enjoying the preparation and presentation, and appreciating the fact that we have food to eat in the first place.

    I encourage you to stick with this tradition. It’s a great way to celebrate your food and carve out quality time together.

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