Overwhelmed with Options

After a long day and wanting nothing more than to come home, build a fire, and relax; I find that Levi has destroyed or mutilated several items in our house. Shredded paper bags were everywhere.  My mom’s Christmas present recently purchased had a big hole in it. My Bible and Nicholas Sparks book were chewed up.  Not to mention the many other items strewn over the floor. Now the whole situation was irritating, but being the daughter of someone who worked in the library for over 10 years I was livid about the books. It is an ingrained habit to take care of books so they stay in pristine condition. Buy the hard-cover so they last longer. Don’t dog ear the pages. Don’t write in or mark the books etc. If it is a soft-cover don’t bend the book so you don’t mark the spine. I think you get the picture. (Honestly one of my very few pet peeves!)

Now I want to clarify that both books are still entirely useable. The novel has many indentations along the spine with Levi’s jaw markings and my Bible have his teeth prints over a majority of it and part of the leather has been chewed off. To my eyes theses books are “ruined”. Calming down I realized that looking back 20 years from now the novel would be a good laugh about the first few weeks of owning Levi. However with the Bible, I want it to be in good condition. Used, but nice.

Which leads me to the dilemma, how to choose a Bible??? I’ve done reviews of the different versions before the NIV vs NLT vs NKJV vs NASB. Looked at countless other Bibles in the stores. Tried an online search through a christianbookdistributors and came up with over 4000 options!!!! They have Bibles for every age group, different nationalities, professions, pocket-size vs large print, even a new waterproof Bible for beach time reading. My mind just boggled at that one! I wanted to find something with devotions or a deeper look than my current one but that didn’t narrow the search by much.

C. S. Lewis even has a Bible. I honestly really like the look of it but can’t decide if that is what I want for my regular use one. Our Pastor just recently encouraged the congregation to bring their own Bibles instead of relying on the projectors.  I usually don’t because I get distracted reading other things than focusing on the sermon, but I guess I should start. Really that is besides the point. With so many options we have it makes it unbelievably difficult to decide. I have it narrowed down to 3, but then I debate if I am just being materialistic by getting a new Bible instead of using my ripped one. While trivial in the grand scheme it is still a struggle to decide. Any ideas out there?

Option 1 Bible

Option 2 Bible

Option 3 Bible

Option 4 stick to the ripped

Have you ever had something messed up that was sentimental by a pet or child? What was it? Did you decide to keep it or purchase new?

If you read the Bible how did you decide on the version you like? Have you read any of the above choices, and if you have what do you think??


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