To write or not to write?

That has been the question for years. Originally at college I had started out with the intention to go into forensics. Started the classes and in the second year decided that I didn’t want to spend that much time and money on a career that isn’t necessarily family friendly. By the time I showed up at George Fox I had switched to communications with the goal to get my MFA in screenwriting. Well my last semester of senior year took a big hit.

I was enrolled in a Literature class that I needed to fill one of those mandatory extra credits. Not something I was really interested in but I had a friend in the class and thought I would be fine. That class frustrated me to no end. No matter what I did or how I wrote, it wasn’t making the grades for that professor, even though my grades were wonderful in my other classes. Towards the end of the semester I went to talk with the professor to see what I could do to make sure I would pass. (It was that bad!) She basically told me that she didn’t see how I could ever be a writer and attacked my style and pretty much everything I had been doing. I left in tears, devastated. That conversation will never be forgotten, even if the words fade the emotions of that day still remain.

My film teacher had been encouraging me. Letting me know how well I was doing, that he liked my writing style and was trying to help me with looking at film schools. None of it mattered anymore as my hopes were dashed. When I graduated with my BA the cost of graduate school and taking on more loans didn’t look like a smart option and I moved home. I wrote a couple of things but didn’t pursue anything. Ideas and goals had started to fade.

Two years ago I signed up for an online writing for children course. I started it and then promptly gave up working on it, thinking that it no one was really going to want to read anything that I wrote. In the past couple of months I realized that it doesn’t matter if  no-one really wants to read it. A writer writes. Period. It is a way to express yourself and with blogging a sort of chronicle of your life. Some people will probably still think I suck and others will like it. If you have any constructive criticism I welcome it and will evaluate it but please be kind. Either way I will write.

Writing can fill minutes or hours that are now available from not watching as much TV. This blog will still be for what happens in real life when I turn the TV off. On the other hand I want to be able to have a little more fun with my writing as well. Since our lives at this point involves kids of the 4 legged kind I wanted to put a little attention on them. It seems like daily we are watching them do things that make us laugh and sometimes cry. Just last night I found Levi standing on our kitchen table but that is a whole different story. I wanted to blog about the different adventures that they take us on.

So I have started a side blog called the Adventures of Fluffball and Lughead that is based on our two dogs. It is going to be through the perspective of Fluffball with occasional guest blogs by Lughead. It is more on the fun/silly side and definitely can be for kids. We’ll see how it goes, but either way it feels good to be writing again.

Whatever you have been called to do, walk in it and fulfill your calling.



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  1. I have heard so many horror stories from people about college professors stomping on their dreams, and it always makes me so sad. I was also thinking about whether or not I am a writer, what does it mean to be a writer, etc. In the end I agree that writing is writing is writing and if you’re writing, you’re a writer. Regardless of venue. Even if you only entertain one person (and we know you entertain more than one), it’s worth it!

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