Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches…It’s that time of year again. Not all but many will celebrate this season. People’s traditions are always different but something that is usually treasured within the family. Every year multitudes of houses are flooded with Christmas trees and lights. Some are 10 feet high and some just sit on a little table but both bring smiles to those around.

Most years we have always gone down to WoodBee Tree Farm and picked out a tree. Some years my mom requested that I come home with a smaller tree. Usually I’d bring something home so tall we had to cut the top of off. Somehow bigger always felt better with the trees.

We’d get it into the house and decorate with lights. First we would wrap around the inside of the tree and a second strand that goes over the edges. Then the ornaments would come out. Our trees never had themes. Every year a new ornament was bought to symbolize what had happened in that year. So when they get unwrapped to decorate the tree, every ornament has a memory and a story to tell. The last would be the star or the angel on top and then the lights would get turned on. The moment always felt magical as the dark room was lit up by the tree.

The first weekend of December is upon us and a month of fun traditions has started. This will be the first year in our house and we want to make the time to spend together and treasure all that we have been blessed with and start new traditions as well. We are hoping to get our Christmas tree this weekend or next and spend an evening celebrating the season.

Make time to spend with your family this holiday season. Families can be of 2 or 10 or perhaps the extended family friends, no matter what the size enjoy this wonderful time of year!


What type of traditions do you make time for as a family? Do you get a Christmas tree? Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition from holidays gone by that you want to bring back this year?



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  1. It’s funny how traditions can build slowly then take you by surprise. Jeremy and I like to watch Love Actually on Christmas day. It seems to wrap up the year on a nice note and send us into the next year feeling optimistic.

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