Coupon Crazy!

Over the past couple of weeks many orders online orders have been made from pet food to assorted Christmas presents to guitar tuners. I haven’t been on top of using my time wisely and clipping from the papers but I do make time to do online searches for coupon codes! Believe me the savings can be so worth it!

2 Examples

  • A week ago I had to order some more dog food, and doggy Christmas presents. After much research Eric and I have chosen to go with Dr Foster and Smith for multiple reasons. The only issue is that they are an online company. We order somewhat regularly and have found that this company is very compatible with online coupon codes. Normally, after filling my “cart” I will open another tab and search dr foster and smith online coupon code. There are quite a few sites that will come up with codes available. Usually I will scan until I find one for free shipping, a percentage off, or a special deal. This past week I was unable to budget extra for a new type of treats (they already have a closet full), and I found a code that gave me a 1 lb box of organic chicken treats for free! (Yes, our dogs get only organic foods!)
  • I also needed to order Christmas presents from another company, which will currently remain nameless as it is prior to the 25th. They didn’t have many coupon codes available and the one listed didn’t say it applied to my specific purchase. I decided to try it anyways and was able to save about 15 dollars off my order (30%)!! Sometimes it can be worth trying one you don’t think will work!

Occasionally with some sites there won’t be any luck with coupon codes, but if you are willing to take 2 more minutes sometimes you can save big with online coupon codes. So before you submit your next order try seeing if you can at least get some free shipping!

Do you already use coupon codes? What is the best save you have gotten with them?


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  1. What a great idea! I can’t believe I’ve been shopping on-line for all these years and have never tried this. Thanks for the tip.

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