Time to Share

Love as a Way of Life by Gary Chapman has started off as an interesting read. I’ve only made it about 40 pages in so far as it is the book that stays in Shreks’ throne room. Within the first 40 pages it has made me laugh, think, and cry.

Since I haven’t finished the book yet I’m not going to even attempt to give it a review. However, I found a story I thought was worth sharing. I wondered out to Eric this morning while he was making lunch and attempted to start reading the short section that was focused on acts of kindness and paying it forward. I thought I had calmed down enough to try reading, but I made it 2 paragraphs in and started the crying choke and lost my voice. Eric turned from closing his Rubbermaid and smiled (this is a pretty normal thing when I try to tell a touching story) and just grabbed the book to read where I had suddenly stopped.

The story was the start of an organization called Sparrow Clubs. A teacher had a young son whose only chance to live was a bone marrow transplant. On a teachers salary the 200,00 was unaffordable and the insurance wouldn’t cover it. A young boy from the school came and gave his entire savings account, twelve five dollar bills. When the principal heard of this he started a savings account with the $60 for the family. Other kids from the school got involved, which sparked involvement from the community and then this family had more than 227,000 to cover the procedure. Their son is still alive and healthy today and the kindness that was shown to them sparked this organization to pay it forward. This club helps organize schools to adopt a sparrow or someone who is under 17 with severe or life threatening medical issues. Then helps to coordinate with the school for kids to get involved to raise money to help the family with the cost of the medical care. It looks like an absolutely amazing club.*

I’ve been done with school for over 6 years now. While I haven’t been in a classroom in quite a while, I never want to stop learning. Taking time to read non-fiction books can be a great way to keep learning and growing your mind. Eric and I try to have our nose in a book quite frequently and are sharing constantly the things that touch or stretch us. Hearing stories like this are great reminder for small acts of kindness and the power of paying it forward.

Have you heard a story where a small act of kindness paid it forward many times over? Have you been able to be a part of that chain? If so, what was it?

Be blessed.

*To read the full story of how it started click here


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