Cosmetics Friend or Foe

I remember anxiously waiting to turn 16, the long-awaited time that I could start wearing makeup. I watched everyone. Looking to see who did or didn’t wear it and if they did internally judging if I thought they did a good job or not. My mom even took me to a Mary Kay consultant to teach me how to apply it since my mom didn’t wear makeup. Oh the memories.

Fast forward almost 11 years later. I have gone through many stages of makeup the horrible pink eyeshadow phase, the incredibly dark eye makeup, the natural look, and a personal favorite the sparkly red lipstick phase. I actually miss that stuff 😉 It seems that I would wear it constantly, then not all and then every once in a while and back again. Currently it seems the almost never phase except for special occasions and when I know that photos will be taken. Really, why bother when I work at a call center and Eric doesn’t care either way?

I have met people where they will wake up early so that their spouse will never see them without makeup. I have seen people who you can’t tell what they really look like underneath the cake of makeup they piled on their face. Or read about years gone by when berries and natural organics were used to add color to the face. Makeup has been around for centuries in different forms and just like clothes the fads have changed over the years. Yet some people will spend hours trying to perfect the newest makeup fad to always look in fashion!

I can see where people want to use it to cover skin issue. Personally, I wear it for photos because 10 months out of the year I am super white and glow in photographs without it. But how many people wear it daily to impress people that they dont’ really like or should like them anyways? Now this is my personal opinion and I’m sure many will disagree. And I’m not saying that people should or shouldn’t wear makeup. Just questioning why most people choose to put such a high emphasis on wearing it?

Do you wear makeup? Why do you choose to or choose not to wear it? If you are a married guy (and have even read this far) what is your opinion for your wife wearing make up?


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  1. I wear eyeliner and mascara to enhance my eyes and long eyelashes. It makes me feel more feminine, but it’s pretty low key. I only wear face powder to hide acne when I have a flare-up. I avoid foundation and blush and concealer and shadow. And I only buy products that have not been tested on animals. Kitties and bunnies shouldn’t have to suffer for my vanity.

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