Habits, good bad and ugly

They say you can build a habit in 30 days if you do it consistently. The more time we spend working on building the habits the more second nature they become. There are some I have achieved that are great habits some that are good and getting better and some that fail miserably! The breakdown going from best to worst.

1) Saying Thank You or Acknowledging

Before I had even met Eric there were a few things or habits I wanted to make sure that I was mentally prepared for. A problem I constantly heard from married couples was getting used to taking the other person for granted. One thing I wanted to try to do as best as I possibly can was acknowledge and appreciate whatever Eric does for me. You can ask him to see if he agrees that I think I do a pretty good job remembering. So whenever he drops me off at the door (of wherever) when it is raining, takes out the garbage, changes the toilet paper, gets me a new towel, whatever it is I try to say thank you or that I appreciate you doing that for me. Most days I honestly feel like I can say I remember to thank him for something.

2) Menu Planning

For the past few months we plan a weeks worth of meals while we are doing the grocery shopping. Usually we do our weekly shop on the weekend. While it is a last-minute menu, it is nice having the habit of getting groceries for specific meals so we don’t have to make 5 trips to the store because we forgot something. This last weekend I went whiteboard crazy and now have 3 in our kitchen area; one monthly calendar for menu planning, one for a to-do list, and one big monthly calendar for our events. So while we are completing one weeks worth of menus, we will have an idea and write it on a night for the next week and Eric can put ideas up there as well. Now we can start menu planning a few weeks in advance and try not  have so many taco nights.

3) Working out

This would be my worst habit. Mainly because it is a habit that has yet to stick. I have done well and worked out for several weeks in a good pattern, but then I get sick or go on a holiday. Inevitably something happens that ruins my pattern and it takes months to build a new one. And this habit of not having a fitness habit has been in existence since I can remember and yet I have a very difficult time trying to fix it. Even with watching less tv, making working out a priority for my time is very difficult.

Habits both good and bad are such interesting things, and New Year’s celebration is just around the corner. A time for many people making resolution to make changes for the betterment of their lives.

Are you going to make a New Year’s resolution? Do you have any habits that you are proud of or ones that could use improvement?


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