Only a few hours until…

Living in Washington is a blessing that is to often taken for granted. It is an amazingly beautiful location with so many things to see or do within a few hours drive. Eric and I often say we should go enjoy our surroundings more often, yet more times than not we stay here in town. Last weekend was different.

When we discovered that could have a 4 day weekend instead of 3 we decided we had to go on an adventure. Leavenworth came up and initially I kept thinking it is to far away to go for a day. Googled the map and found it was just shy of a 3 hour drive! Prayed the weather would stay nice for the pass and set off on what turned out to be the most fantastic day.

The drive was stunning seeing the trees and mountains with their winter clothes on. The roads were clear, which made for a much calmer me. We got to Leavenworth about 11 and had lunch at a charming little pizza place. Then went out to Mountain Springs Lodge for a wonderful sleigh ride. It was 45 minutes and incredible. We got front seat and curled up as a light snowfall came down for our ride. Our guide mentioned that we couldn’t have asked for a better day to be out.  Snowmobile tours were another option that made us want to make our way back over the mountain next year.

After the ride was finished and I was readily moving up the clouds to 9, we headed back into town and walked along the shops. At 4 we headed back over the pass and had a safe drive home. It is amazing to think that we were in Leavenworth just a couple of days ago. There are so many area of Washington that are just day trips. It only takes an extra tank of gas and you are on an ADVENTURE! When seeing how perfect that day was we decided that in 2011 we want to take advantage of living in such a beautiful place, not take for granted!


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