New Year New Menu

Our kitchen is our “headquarters” if you will of the house. It is where we use our computer, cook and eat our meals, and where the whiteboards are. It is information central. I wanted to get a pocket calendar for 2011 but Eric informed me that he wants to have the calendar at the house so he knows what is going on. So we have a 24×36 calendar for planning the month. A small plain whiteboard separated into to-do lists. One for me, one for Eric and one for things to do around the house. And then the whiteboard menu calendar…

We plan our menus one week at a time and have gotten into a good habit of this. I realized that it was the same menu on repeat every couple of weeks and it was getting old. So starting the new year is starting a what I hope to be a new habit. We will still plan for a weekly basis so we can keep using fresh ingredients and do little shopping trips on the weekend.

There are 2 changes to the weekly menu.

  1. Eric is going to have a weekly night to cook instead of just every once in a while. So Tuesday’s I will have off. This week we are having French toast and eggs. Breakfast for dinner. YUM!
  2. Friday nights are going to be new recipe night! Some I’m sure will be quickly tossed aside, but I hope that many will make it into a regular part of our new rotation. This week is a Maple Chicken and Fettucine.

Having a menu written makes it much easier to go grocery shopping as you usually just need to pick up a few ingredients to complete the recipe’s. Plus there is the added benefit that it keeps us from buying too much extra stuff that just sits in the cupboard, thinking that someday will make something out of it.

Hopefully this will be a recipe for success in 2011, adding a new zest to the weekly menu!

Do you have any ideas for your kitchen in 2011? Are you on a menu or contemplating starting a menu? Let me know your ideas for it!


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