A way to save over $150 a year!

Like many families in this day and age we always trying to find ways to save money. One of my friends recently blogged about cutting her husbands hair. I was intrigued but didn’t think too much about it.

Eric and I have thrown around the idea that I would someday cut his hair but it scared the daylights out of me. He doesn’t get one level all the way around. It is like 2 different spacers and then finger trimmed/blended on top! AAHHH!


This last weekend we decided to go to Wal-Mart and look for a couple of odd items we’ve been needing as a late night adventure. I go grab some new loofahs and I find Eric staring at the hair trimmer sets. After a few moments of discussion we grab the Wahl set. It had 8 different spacers. It converts to trim up the sideburns/neck. The kit also included, combs, scissors, and a little barbershop apron.

We get home around 10 and I’m putting everything away and he is starting to pull everything out of the kit deciding he wants the hair cut right now! A little fear was in my heart after hearing a pastors story of his wife giving him a bad haircut and their “discussion” that followed. I told him to get ready for an hour plus long haircut because I was going to go SLOW.

He patiently guided me through the process. Picking out the spacers and telling me how far to go with each of them and showing me pictures in the little instruction book. Then the scary part began, just using the scissors.

At a painstakingly slow rate I worked over the top of his head trying to get it as even and blended as possible. At least as well as my first time haircutting ability allowed. It could have been blended even better, but for the first time haircut we both walked away very happy. He could still gel his hair and it looked decent to good. I was ecstatic that he trusted me enough to start doing this.

After finishing the first haircut I realized we will save close to 200 a year for his haircuts (this was just for a cheap haircut level mind you). The savings would quickly pay for our new little kit. And as time goes on I’m sure that I will get a little quicker and hopefully a lot better. Plus the added convenience of being able to do this whenever.

Are the guys haircuts kept within the family? Is it something you would ever consider cutting your families hair? Let me know!


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  1. You’ll have to let me know if you try that route. Not only is it going to save us money but the convenience will be great. It seems whenever Eric has time the lines are long or something keeps him from going. Now it can be 11 at night and finally free time and he can still get a haircut. Good luck!

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