When resting is no longer restful.

This weekend held a busy schedule. Saturday started out with us taking the dogs on a walk. Then off for a couple of hours for a fabulous baby shower. Then hurried home to finish getting made up for a night in Seattle at the Opera. That night ended after 2 in the morning. Then up early for a Sunday service with the new name change.

Can we say tired??

We had decided that the rest of Sunday, after our return home, was going to be for a nap and resting and some TV watching. It sounded relaxing and stress free, planning on doing absolutely nothing. The problem was that having a day like that no longer felt very relaxing. By the time we hit 7:00 PM and had eaten dinner we were both ridiculously restless and exhausted all at the same time.

I used to be able to have movies days and at the end feel relaxed and just fine. Even though counting exact hours have stopped we still have been watching less TV especially with eating dinner at the kitchen table 90 plus % of the time. So after 1 day of just relaxing and watching TV I felt pretty miserable and not relaxed at all.

Plans for next time….

So while I know that there will be more times that I want/need to relax after a rough week, I think I will try to find a more active way to relax or at least less time relaxing in front of TV. A long walk with doggies and husband or some yoga would be much more beneficial to both mind and general health than a TV marathon day. I think those TV marathon days are now reserved for the sick and cannot move a muscle days.

Have you ever watched TV to relax but are only left feeling restless?

What are different things you do besides TV to relax?


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