The Guest Room

I LOVE having a guest room! Our fourth official guests have just taken off this morning. Relatives came up for the weekend to visit with Eric’s grandmother and stayed with us for a couple of nights. We have a cozy room that is set off to the side of our house that makes a perfect little get-a-way room. This room is also one of the best decorated of the whole house.

A Few Friends Think I’m Crazy!

In this guest room are bookcases, dark decorative curtains and a large print of the Eiffel Tower (I call it the Paris Room) and also a much nicer bed spread and pillows than our own. My friends think it is crazy that I would want to have the guests have nicer linens than our own.

Reasons of Defense

  1. The most logical reason is that we have dogs. While they don’t sleep with us, they will come up sometimes in the morning and curl up for a little while. I don’t want their nails ruining intricate designs or dog fur all over a pretty bed spread.
  2. All my life, until now anyways, I have lived in an apartment. So if there were ever guests they were on the couch/air mattress out in the open. Or I would have to give up my bed and sleep out on the couch. I love having people come visit but I didn’t enjoy feeling so overcrowded.
  3. When we bought the house I honestly believe that it is a huge blessing from God. We prayed that it would be a home filled with love and peace. A safe haven to have people come and stay for a little while. Where missionaries, friends and family can come and rest.

With that desire of having that safe haven, a tucked away little room why not pamper the people that we care about? We were blessed with this house, it is nice being able to be a blessing to others and allow them to take a load off and relax in their own little pampered suite! So some people may still give me a bad time, but whenever we have guests I am giddy with excitement knowing that we finally have space to share with others!

Do you have a favorite room of your house? What do you think of having a permanent guest room set up?


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