A Few Random Thoughts

It’s the Weekend

Thursday is always an semi-exciting day.  Mostly due to the fact that Friday has almost arrived but particularly this Friday as it is my Birthday! Hip Hip Hooray. Yet somehow this birthday makes me feel much older and I don’t particularly like that.

The Worst Question

Working at a call center you are bound to hear some interesting calls. I have heard things that I will spend my entire life trying to forget and know more about garbage than I ever thought possible. But if you are the one to call into a call center of any type, please come up with something original when they ask if there is anything else they can help you with. I’ve been asked for the winning lottery numbers more times than I can count.

Daily Vitamins

I know that it is beneficial for health to take a daily multi-vitamin. They have different ones for every age group and activity level. The one common denominator…..they are all HUGE and smell disgusting. So in order to take my daily multi-vitamin, the One A Day has been most ingenious and created gummy adult vitamins. It is wonderful!

What is your random thought of the day?


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    • I liked the kids sour gummys. Those were pretty good. I don’t think I’ve tried the Flinstones 🙂 I might have to do that!
      Thank you for the birthday wishes! Planning on celebrating with family this weekend and going out for Burgers. Yummy!

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