Birthday Traditions

I am blessed to have celebrated another birthday this past weekend. This birthday was quite a bit different from ones past. It is the first year that it actually bugged me turning a year older (This doesn’t bode well for me in the future does it?).  The celebration was extended over 3 weeks with different events, compared to normally being celebrated with just one night.

A NW Birthday…

The normal birthday in our NW family would be to meet with all family at a restaurant and then have a cake prepared by moi. This year it started with going to an opera about 3 weeks ago that I was blessed to be able to go see as the ticket was a collaborative present. Two weekends ago I got together with a couple of girlfriends for a day of painting pottery and lunch. Then to finish was the lunch date with family.

Part of the tradition is to try to always pick a new restaurant. There are so many restaurants out there and it gets boring always going to the same one, especially with 7 events throughout the year to be going out. This year for my birthday we tried Bob’s Burgers and Brew. It was a delicious experience and one must definitely go hungry if you have any hope of finishing your burger!

Keeping with tradition…

I made my own ice cream birthday cake (recipe will be on Friday). Instead of sharing with family though we took it over to yet another friends house and enjoyed it while learning to play pinochle (card game). It was a long, but incredible weekend and a very memorable birthday.

Since my birthday starts off the year, it will be fun to see what other restaurants and cake recipes will be tried throughout 2011. While sometimes traditions need updating it is nice to know that they are there and part of what your family is.

What are your traditions for celebrating a birthday? Is there one that stands out as being particularly memorable?


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  1. Since our kids are so young, we figured that we should celebrate birthdays and make them special from the time they wake up. We decorate the house with balloons and streamers and try to make them their favorite breakfast. For dinner, we usually go out to Red Robin and we let them pick out the big Sunday dinner.
    It isn’t much, but we try to make it special!

    • I think that sounds like a fun tradition. There is something special about getting to choose the family dinner! Thank you for stopping by the blog!

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