Lessons from the Flu

No one likes to be sick and I am no exception to this rule. In fact it makes me downright angry. Reason being that people won’t stay home and rest and instead come to work and pass their virus to the whole area.  NO GOOD!

Sometimes 100 oz isn’t enough…

Last week I started feeling a little off on Tuesday and woke up feeling like death on Wednesday. I thought I’d call in and then rest, drink fluids and feel better for Thursday.  I drank over 100 oz of fluids. Thursday came and I got up to get ready for work.  Went to wash my face and saw stars and ended up stuck in the bottom of our little cube shower. After Eric got me untangled from our way to small shower, we started the debate of going to the ER.

To go to ER or not to go to ER…

I figured I was awake and somewhat ok and wasn’t going to pay fees for ER but I would go to Dr’s office once they opened. He finally agreed. At my appointment they tried to take my blood pressure which dropped dramatically and I about dropped onto the floor in the Dr’s office and then proceeded to lose my little breakfast. Not a great moment. Somehow even after all the fluids that I drank the previous day and was starting with that morning I was completely dehydrated and ended up with an IV.

Spent 5 days of doing almost completely nothing and have started the journey to feeling better again. Through this process I have learned 2 valuable lessons.

  1. Sometimes drinking over 100 oz of fluids isn’t going to be enough when you are really sick. With that goes the need to pay attention to being super dizzy and if so get my butt to Dr’s office.
  2. I ate a lot slower because I couldn’t breathe and then stopped because I was full. Need to start doing that now that I feel better and my portions will instantly be controlled. We’ll see how it works.

Have you learned any lessons from the Flu? Or do you have skills on how to avoid it?


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