Chick Flick vs Action

This past weekend Eric wanted to watch a movie to unwind Sunday evening. He had been busy all weekend working around the house, not to mention cooking and cleaning. (Had to brag on him a little!) When asking what he wanted to watch it was a very quick response with Condemned.

Action and Explosives

While I’m not going to necessarily recommend this movie it is a fun high action couple of hours. It is kind of Lost meets Death Race. The best part of it though, is that I actually really enjoy the action movies, the blood, guts etc. The mindless braun that always saves the day, I’m there.

A sweet reminder

As Eric was putting in the movie, I reminded him how lucky he was that I actually liked those movies and never had any issues sitting down to watch them with him. No sooner than the words were out of my mouth did I remember how lucky BOTH of us were. While he might not readily admit it, he is usually quite willing to watch chick flicks with me and is sometimes even the one who picks them out to watch. 🙂

So equally blessed because we have similar tastes no matter what genre it comes to, with very few exceptions.

Do you and your spouse agree when it comes choosing films, or is it pretty equally divided between a his/hers selection?


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  1. Brad and I like to watch comedys. We laugh and laugh and it puts us in a great mood. We also love stand up. Brad will never sit down and watch a chick flick with me since I cry….the ugly cry too. He will also not watch scary movies with him because I scream so loud on non-scary parts and scare him….so he said no more. ha h aha

    xoxo Nikki
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