Punishment or Pleasure?

Growing up my mom always found interesting ways to ground me. Instead of taking away my social time I’d usually end up doing odd things around the apartment that weren’t very fun, including scrubbing the floor by hand. That memory was brought back this weekend as I found myself enjoying an activity that most certainly would have been a punishment years ago, but now was a pleasure beyond compare!

Cleaning Tile Countertops…

My husband I bought our house about 6 months ago. It was in great condition, but an older home none the less. While we did a great big cleaning when moving in, there were details that weren’t to my satisfaction. One of which were our less than lovely white tile kitchen countertops.

A majority of the area around tiles was discolored, even bordering brown or black!

Eric laughed as I excitedly got out the key tools in this endeavor to transform them to a newer looking countertop. An idea inspired by my friend Nikki!

Bleach water (Heavy on the bleach) and an old toothbrush!

I spent between 3-4 hours total cleaning our countertops. Blessed with a big kitchen, but it did mean a lot more scrubbing time.  Afterwards though, I was so happy I made Eric get up to exam my countertops. He wasn’t nearly as excited as I was 😦 I guess this is a girl thing. Either way what would have previously been punishment, was now a pleasure. Especially when it turns out like this!

Sparkly Clean Counters!

Did you face odd punishments growing up? Do you take pleasure now in any particular cleaning endeavors? If you have any more organic ways of cleaning the countertops please let me know as I’m sure that they won’t stay this pretty!


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  1. Haha! Great post. The first sentence reminded me of my mom growing up. I think the most creative was when my brother and I didn’t do our chores for awhile and one day we woke up and all the food in the house was gone! We only got toast and water after the kitchen was scrubbed top to bottom.

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