A Little Surprise…

My husband I have been doing a budget for almost 2 years now. We follow our plan pretty closely and have always accounted for every dollar. In the last couple months we realized one problem!


With every dollar accounted for we didn’t end up having any fun surprise money for each other. Starting this month we decided on a designated amount for each month that we get that we can save or spend but it is to surprise each other with something. It isn’t a large amount, but something to easily get a movie, or coffee, or flowers etc. One of my favorite little surprises my husband got me while we were dating was a single rose and to it was tied a package of Starbursts with a little cards that says, “My heart bursts for you” The card is still taped to my bedroom mirror.

It doesn’t have to be diamonds…

Neither my husband or I are big on gifts as a language of expressing love. (I will go into love languages next week.) And I’m not really a fan of jewelry, with the exception of my wedding ring. Yet, I’m excited to see what we can do with our little surprise money. I won’t know what he is going to do with it until something happens, and he doesn’t know what I’m going to be putting my money towards either. This hasn’t been in the budget for a long time so while it might seem trivial to some I’m very excited to have put this into our monthly budgeting!

Sometimes the littlest gifts are the best reminders that our spouse or significant other loves and cherishes us! The Starburst Rose is something that I will remember forever.

What are some of your favorite little surprises that your spouse or significant other has done for you? What is one of the favorite small things that you have done for your loved one?


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  1. I love orchids. Brad goes and buys them every now and then to surprise me. I love them and they put me in a fabulous mood. I love it when he does stuff like that. What a sweetie eric is.

  2. Really appreciated this post! We are tight for funds right now. When we did have a little more cash, it was all budgeted tightly away. Sometimes that’s an appropriate way to spend money when you have pressing needs or goals. But I think you’re right that something gets lost when you don’t have a little wiggle room for surprises.

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