Sometimes Size Matters

The size of your plate that is. I dislike diets, I believe that most are fads and that when people stop the behaviors of the diet that weight will come back. I do believe in slowly building healthier habits. Last year 2 habits were formed. Drinking the full 64 oz of water a day, and menu planning and with that mostly healthier shopping.

Did you know???

This years goal when it comes to healthier living, is pushing the plate back when I am full. Did you know that in the 1950’s the average plate size was a 9 inch plate? Compared to the average plate now that is a 12 or 13 inch plate? So just by plate size people on average can be eating up to 22 % more just by having the larger plate! And let’s not even get started on restaurant portion size! Even the glass size has increased. I measured our glasses in the cupboard and found they hold 12 oz., a typical drink serving size is 8 oz. While I don’t drink soda, I enjoy my chocolate milk. Those extra 4 oz add up.

A plate size comparison

New things to try…

So with all that being said a great place to start is just watching the size of dishes you use. Amazing that when you see you are finished you are full? At least it has worked that way with reducing the size of my nighttime popcorn snack bowl. So next will be getting rid of our glasses and purchasing smaller ones. Leaving the food on counters when we eat at the table so there will be less temptation to re-load a plate. And attempting to eat slower to let my stomach tell me I’m full and not the clean plate syndrome. This one will be the most difficult for me.

And for now that will be all I will try to do. It is too overwhelming to try and build Rome in a single day, but if I build the foundation brick by brick I might just get somewhere.

Are you trying for a healthier lifestyle? What are the things you are doing to build those habits?


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