Free Ice Cream!

Sometimes you never know what will happen unless you ask. It could be no, but it could be a yes. The only way to find out is to take the time and ask.

Big or Small Issues

It could be a big question like asking the girl of your dreams to marry you and gathering all the courage you can muster, or it can be something as small as saying I’m not happy with this situation what can you do about it. That small issue is exactly what I wanted to talk about today.

Last week hubby and I were having a celebratory night and wanted to go out for ice cream. Trying to save money we went to our local store and found that the usual Bryer’s wasn’t on sale, but Ben & Jerry’s was! I was so excited as we rarely spend the extra to get these little pints of goodness. Just to make sure you understand how excited I was, these guys were my constant date on a friday night in college. These guys are what got me through the prom’s that my friends went to but I was never asked. These were my guys and they had never let me down!!!!

Until now…

As we stood there contemplating the many flavors I couldn’t decide between trying a new flavor or going for an old favorite. Being brave I decided to try a new flavor Red Velvet Cake. I love cake batter ice creams and I love red velvet cake. What could be better, right? WRONG! I didn’t taste the cream cheese swirls of goodness and the overall flavor was in my opinion horrible! I was devastated that we finally treated our selves and I was left wanting to through my container away.

Taking Time to Ask

I got on Ben & Jerry’s website and found the feedback section, this was thursday night. I left a short message explaining my displeasure of the product and their required information asking that I receive a coupon to replace the product. I didn’t receive a confirmation email or anything. For a brief moment I was worried! My friend had gone through a similar experience with a tea company and never received a letter, coupon or anything!

My Guys Rock!

However when I came home from work on Monday I received the best piece of mail. It was letter apologizing for the fact that I didn’t enjoy that particular product and to make amends it contained 2 coupons! One for a free pint and one for a some change off another one! My favorite 2 guys other than Hubby came through for me! Hubby laughed as I happy danced my way around the kitchen. Yes, I get excited like a little kid over ice cream.

While I ran the risk of not getting anything by submitting a comment to the company, I was ecstatic to receive the letter and coupons. Sometimes you will never know what can happen unless you take the time to ask!

The letter and coupons from my guys!

The deliciousness that awaited with the coupon!


Do you have any great stories of taking the time to ask and getting a better deal on something, or even something for free?


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    • Sorry honey, these are “other guys”. I still love you the best though! Glad you thought it was funny

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