An Essential for a 50’s Housewife

The perfect apron. Something pretty, yet functional. I currently have 2 aprons but neither fit the ticket. One solid black one that is leftover from the days of being a barista. Second apron a green leafy design that was something I made. And while cute it isn’t a 50’s housewife apron.

The Kitchen Boutique

If you have ever visited a kitchen boutique store where everything is overpriced, you know the type of apron I’m talking about. The cute designs with lace and frills and usually cost around $30 or up. And for an apron, I’m just not willing to spend that much money, no matter how cute it is.

A Surprise Gift…

I have mentioned in previous posts that Hubby and I attend a monthly couples dinner. This last month there, I was surprised and blessed with a couple of gift cards. One of which was GC to Bed Bath and Beyond! As I love ebates I decided to check online first to see if I could earn any cash back on my purchases. Turns out it was eligable so went to my favorite shopping department first. CLEARANCE!


Scrolling through the items something caught my eye. A perfect apron clearanced for 9.99! In my mind the epitomy of what a 50’s housewife apron should look like. And even though I was using a GC it was a price that I felt much better about spending for an apron. Plus I had the benefit of having enough leftover to order another pizza peel for our nights of making homeade pizzas.

Picture of the Perfect Apron…

Where great function meets high style!

 Do you wear an apron for cooking? If so do you have a favorite apron?


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  1. I went to a local craft fair back in October and one of the artisans was selling handmade aprons. They were so pretty. Some were bold, some had flowers, some had stripes, and some even had polka dots!!! You could also feel that they were really well made with good quality fabrics and stitcing. They were priced at $40. $40 for an apron? At a craft fair? You’ve got to be kidding me. However, I still think about that particular apron I fell in love with. No other apron can compare. Maybe I should have spent the $40…(sigh)

    • Craft fairs are fun! While you can find some amazing deals, some things are definitely over priced! I would have ended up passing on the $40 apron as well. I hope you can find one you like at a much better price! And thank you for checking out my blog!

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