Help Me Decide!!!

While our house may look small from the outside, it has an unbelievable amount of space and storage on the inside! One hidden space is the finished attic. Drywall, carpet the whole 9 yards, it even has a door to another room that is unfinished for more storage!

Current Use…

Right now it is filled with Christmas decorations, old storage totes and a few random odds and ends. Even the bed frame for a pop-up trundle. Have to give quick props to friend K who used mad skill in helping me get that up the drop down staircase!!!

I want to convert this area to an office. I’m tired of having a computer in the kitchen, and there is no room for a desk in our music room. I suppose I could shove one in there, but it would make it too cluttered for my taste. As of right now the attic area is a blah white. It needs color!

How to decide, help!

My ideas have been to paint with sponge or rag rolling a coral and pale yellow to create a sunset look, or to go with a deep red and then a tan overcoat. I have gotten a few wrinkled looks from my hubby for those ideas, yet he hasn’t provided a color scheme he would like. So readers I need some ideas! I want to have brain stimulating rich colors! I lean towards earth tones but am not exclusive to them.

I’d love to get feedback for how you decorated your office or what colors you would suggest! I need a room for inspired blogging! I’m looking to paint/decorate within 1-2 months. I will post pictures of transformation!


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  1. I suggest you keep the “bones” of the room neutral, like cream, white,or beige. It may sound boring but you can add visual interest with curtains, pillows, throws, artwork, and even some brightly painted accent pieces like a desk, lamps, or even an area rug. I feel this is the best way to go because then, if you get tired of the scheme, you don’t have to spend a whole lot to change it up.

    • That idea has potential. It is very true about being cheaper to change up the accessories. A lot of the rooms in the house have the cream so I’m kind of wanting to change it up but am not totally decided. Thanks for input!

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