Time to De-Stress

Let’s face it, with how busy life can get we all need ways to de-stress. A way to get back to the center, re-gather, stand on the only solid rock before we face another day or even another minute. It seems like for women stress can be brought so easily by health, relationships, work, or innumerable other reasons.

Options (My Personal List)

  1.  Wallow in it. Occasionally I’ll do this option, it never works well.
  2. Breathe deeply, mediate, or pray. This works well but depending on intensity of stress it can come back rather quickly.
  3. Cook, write music, or swim if I’m really desperate. For this housewife that will do the trick almost every time.

Not for everyone

I understand that cooking is definitely not a stress free activity for everyone. For myself, who was raised around people who loved to cook and bake it comes naturally. There is something peaceful about chopping, stirring, satueeing the whole shabang. Plus I get to eat something yummy when I’m done.

As for writing music, again not everyone is musically inclined and perhaps it isn’t your cup of tea. I personally enjoy seeing my thoughts become alive in music and find peace in the notes. The words are poured out onto pages and I no longer have to keep them bottled inside.

Swimming or almost any exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Gets the heart rate going, produces happy endorphins and lets the whole body relax. Gives me time to think, in an environment without distraction, watching the line at the bottom of the pool while I swim back and forth.

What Is Your De-Stresser?

Perhaps you find your stress release in gardening, bubble baths, or even knitting the perfect scarf. No matter what it is we should always be able to find a few minutes to enjoy the activity and relase the stress from your life. Stress happens, there is no avoiding it. The best we can do is have an activity or space that we can go and then let go of stress. I don’t want to end up 80 and hunched over because I tried to carry the weight of the world my whole life!

How do you let go of stress? Is there a place that you go or a favorite activity that you do?


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