Fave Kitchen Items: Part 1

It seems that any great movie experience must always include one crucial item. Popcorn! When Hubby and I got married we had started doing some oil-popped popcorn in a pan. He has mad skills and always timed it to perfection. However there was a problem….

I wanted Popcorn more often than he did…

And as it turns out, my skills with oil-popping popcorn were somewhat lacking. Yes, this housewife burns the popcorn 😦 . Then came this amazing idea. The Air Popper!

Popcorn Perfection

Problem Solved

Now I no longer have to pester my dear husband to make me popcorn. I can do it myself! (Hmmm sounds like I’m a big kid now commercial.) So whether I’m making popcorn for 1 or 2, it can always be timed to perfection. While this isn’t a daily use product, and can’t be defined as a “necessity” I think we will always have one stored in the cupboard for all popcorn worthy occasions!

Added Benefit

For a little bag or bottle of kernels, it seems to be between 1-3 dollars and LOTS of servings. A bag usually lasts the 2 of us about one month to two. The boxes of microwave popcorn usually are between 3-4 dollars a box with about 6 or so packages in the box. So better taste, better value we chose to purchase one to help us save money over the long run.

And that is my favorite kitchen item for Monday! As this week goes by please let me know what are your favorite kitchen items that you wouldn’t want to live without! Is your family a popcorn eating family? Do you air-pop?


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  1. We are discovering anew the delights of popcorn. Derek didn’t use to like it because of the pieces that inevitably get stuck in the teeth. But recently we tried it again, popping our own, and he loves it. We use a wok with aluminum foil over the top–just needed to come up with a way to get it done using what we have. We like to try different flavorings: chili powder & cumin, sugar and cinnamon, all-time fav is salt and LOTS of black pepper. And it’s so true about saving money–and it’s better for us, too, since we aren’t butter people. Great post!

    • That sounds awesome, I will have to try the cinnamon sugar idea! And I’m sure it would be even better for me if I didn’t enjoy the buttery part!!! Thanks for following the blog!

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