Fave Kitchen Items: Part 2

While many men, including my hubby, are potatoes and steak type guys, sometimes a girl just needs a break from potato overload! And pasta is delicious but just doesn’t work with stir-frys, or terriyaki and well I think you get the picture. There is only one thing that will fit the bill…Rice

Rice cooked to perfection in rice cooker!

Growing up rice was a staple in our house. We were usually eating it several times a week and I was used to having it in a rice cooker. The first time I had the minute rice, I was like what the heck is this??? I guess I was spoiled with the rice!!

When I moved out on my own, I had a hand me down rice cooker from my mom. Still worked great but it was getting older and scratched up. Eric and I had an open house/house-warming about a month after we moved into our new home. We were blessed with a new Japanese rice cooker from Zojirushi!! I’m an emotional housewife, and of course started crying when opening it as the person who purchased it for us had remembered a conversation that I mentioned looking at new rice cookers!! 

With how often we cook rice, this is an essential for our kitchen that even stays on the countertop. (Most appliances go into the cupboards.) It is wonderful having fresh steamed sticky rice every time, not to mention the sweet rice for the holidays!

Does your family enjoy rice? Do you go with a rice cooker or minute rice? Can you tell the difference?


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  1. A rice cooker is an absolute must!!! They’re so easy to use, too! It’s funny that you mention it! I’m using mine for dinner tonight to go along with a Thai chicken stir-fry! Stay tuned for the post!

    • Rice cookers are ridiculously easy to use, probably easier than minute rice because you don’t have to stir! Will make sure to watch for new post for the stir-fry!

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