Fave Kitchen Items: Part 3

Ahhh the secret to my deliciously smooth gravy from turkey drippings? The consistency in the chopped walnuts and pecans in cookies? The perfect creamy mashed potatoes? What can do this all and so much more? The Braun!

Growing up my great-grandparents had one of the original Braun and we would use it to make mini-milkshakes on a hot summer day. My mom used hers to chop walnuts for cookies. When I worked at Macy’s they had a sale on this handy-dandy item and I knew it belonged in my kitchen too. (You can see in the little chopper it still contains walnuts, I usually just keep it in my fridge ready to go when cookie cravings hit!)

The Braun & Helper Attachments

I have used this countless times for many different recipes. It seems that I run into a question about how to handle something and then the lightbulb goes off…bing…the Braun can do it! Most recently discovered using this for a Pomodoro sauce that I made. It is a red spaghetti sauce from scratch that is rather chunky to start with while the vegetables cook down. Then after a few hours it needs to be smoothed out, but I really didn’t want to attempt many batches in our blender like the recipe suggested. Lightbulb moment…the Braun…a couples minutes later a rich smooth sauce that you could just dip garlic bread into and skip the rest of dinner!

So while this isn’t used daily, I’m always discovering new uses for it and it tucks into a drawer quite nicely.

What is your favorite handy-dandy item with multiple uses?


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