Fave Kitchen Items: Part 4

We might scream for ice cream, but I will cheer for cookies any day of the week! And what is a family night with out pizza and a movie?? Who wouldn’t want to wake up to fresh-baked bread on a Saturday morning?? Do you have a guess as to what this wonderful item is???


Just seeing the picture makes me excited for pizza later on this weeks menu!

The Kitchenaid usually gets pulled out between 2-4 times a month. Most often for making pizza dough (Hubby has mastered this….ooh just drooled a little thinking about the pizza) or cookies. I also enjoy making bread, but after last time I really need to find a good spot in the house to let it rise!

None of the items featured this week are “necessities”, but they do make life a lot easier. As part of a being a fabulous 50’s style housewife, I like having fresh-baked items in the house. We’ve also discovered how much cheaper it is for us to be making our own pizzas than going out for them. Plus there is the benefit of something fun to do together as a couple, and can cause laughs as I try to bring back my skills of throwing the dough from when I worked in a mom & pop pizza place in college. And now that we’ve gotten better at consistency, I really don’t want to go out for pizza because home style is the best style!

Do you use a Kitchenaid? Have you ever thought about using it for your own pizza dough?


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