Fave Kitchen Items: Part 5

We have reached Friday! Last day in the series and one of my favorite items to boot! In Fave Kitchen Items: Part 4 I mentioned our new favorite tradition of making pizza together. One of the key pieces besides the Kitchenaid is the…..

Pizza Peel

We were recently able to get a second peel. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with a “peel”. It is designed to either easily make your pizza on and then transport pizza to a stone in your oven. You can also lift the pizza from your kitchen surface and then transfer to oven. An interesting article on type of peels & processes is here.

Time to Serve


If this is a family tradition you want to start, or to be able to have friends over to pizza; I would highly recommend having 2 peels. That way you can build your next pizza on the peel, while keeping a peel free to remove the pizza that is in the oven. Due to our kitchen surfaces, we find it easier to build the pizza on the wood peel.  Just remember the cornmeal folks. It is ESSENTIAL!

I love being able to roll out, toss the dough and have it end up on the peel in a nice odd shape. Then I work it, adding all the delicious toppings that I choose, usually stuffing the crust and then it will come out of the oven in a delectable perfect, and most the time circular, pizza.

Has your family ever made homemade pizza together? Is that a tradition you would want to start?


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