Restaurant VS Home Cookin

The past few months I feel that my skills in the kitchen been steadily improving. I’ve made wontons from scratch, cheeseburgers that ooze mozzarella when you take a bite into them. A variety of sauces using all fresh ingredients and countless other kitchen experiements. Essentially the more I learn to cook and increase my skill set, the more I like to stay home and eat.

The Problem…

There are still many things that I enjoy eating that I have not found a delectable recipe for yet. So I am going to be making a list, starting here today of any items that cause me to want to go out to eat and see if I can’t beat it at home as a challenge! If you have a recipe for any item listed, or something that you enjoy from a restaurant and have been trying to find a recipe for, let me know!! I’d love to try and find something for you!

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

The List

  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip (Personally shooting for something similar to Applebee’s)
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • A Steak that rivals the Keg chicago style
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Vegetable Egg Rolls (From scratch, I’ve found a decent freezer selection)
  • Chow Mein
  • Tiramisu
  • Twice Baked Potatoes (Seem to have issues getting them scraped where they don’t fall apart)


I want to find the best recipes for these above items and be able to serve them at home. I hope to have found the recipes and made the above list in the next 2 -3 months. Most of these recipes are not ones that would make regular appearance on the menu, but they are the recipes that make me want to go out to eat.


There are foods that families will only eat for the holidays, or other recipes that we will only crave just once a year or every few years. One of those items came up this last week as I finally got around to making Banana Foster. I haven’t had it in 2 years and I probably wont want it again for another couple years, but sometimes it just sounds SOOOOO good. It is just nice to have the recipe in your repitoire to be ready at a moments or cravings notice!

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster...MMMM

Again, please let me know if you have any recipes for the above items OR have an item from a restaurant you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook!

Happy Monday!


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