Little Blessings

Where is the focus? So often we focus on the future. Where we want to be in 5 years, 10 years. What is the next step in getting the promotion? When do we get to go on our next vacation? When is the right time to start a family? Go back to school or stay home? Buy a house or save up money while renting? There are so many questions that always keep us looking for the next thing instead of enjoying where we are at.


How often do we look at where we are right now and try to enjoy it all? I often find myself looking to the future and forget to find contentment in my day-to-day. Perhaps not everything in the current day-to-day is something to be excited about, it could be downright stressful depending on what you’re going through. HOWEVER…we need to be thankful for what we have NOW. For the blessings received NOW. For the friends that are family NOW. For the actual family we have left NOW. For finding a small reason to laugh NOW! Even for the fact that sometimes the weatherman is wrong! Yay for sunshine!

Little Blessings…

The last 2 weekends have brought to blessings that would be so easy to pass right by and just let it got lost in the daily life. Sometimes we need to stop and be thankful for godwinks (more than just a coincidence, learned the word here). I want to share with you a couple of little godwinks that remind me to be thankful NOW!

  1. I needed to purchase paint for making the attic an office. Set aside 15.00 to start with and in hopes to find an oops can like I have in the past, I headed out to the Home Depot. I walked past the oops cans and grimaced, understanding why these choices were left here. Browsed the sample cards and looked at the Freshaire samples. (Amazing no VOC paint, environmentally friendly!) Then I saw this itty bitty notice. They are going to stop carrying it at the store and any colors that they had in stock were going to be 5.00 a can!! I was able to get 3 gallons of beautiful paint for 15.00, mind you normally that paint goes for 40.00 a can. So 120 vs 15 can we say AMAZING! If you are needing paint I’d check out your local store and see if perhaps they still have any left and have the same deal going!
  2. Our yard is a bit sad place. It looks 100 times better than we purchased just for sheer fact that the grass was over 4 feet high in front yard and back and a home for local raccoons (I wish I’d taken pictures). But the little areas meant for flowers and all things pretty are still full of weeds and not yet tended to. Partly because we had no idea what we were going to do and partly because pretty plants add up. This Sunday afternoon friends dropped by unexpectedly, bringing with them 2 beautiful baby rose bushes. The Peace Rose and the Nicole Rose both of which are stunningly beautiful. This coming weekends goal is to get them both planted. Pictures will follow.

Sometimes we just have to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Both literally and figuratively and enjoy all the blessings both big and small that take place regularly in our lives.

What little blessings have you had in your life recently? When did you last stop to smell the roses?


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  1. Being able to spend an hour with my toddler girls to build a pillow/blanket fort in their room on Saturday.

    Initially I thought the rain was going to ruin the day we had planned outside… turned out to be a neat experience. 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by the blog Dustin. That sounds like an awesome Saturday. What a great way to make a rainy day memorable! It is those precious moments that we treasure as we grow up and always can look back on with a smile!
      Thanks again for sharing!

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