Random Thought Thursday

Have you ever thought about something, mentioned that could be really nice and then have it materialize? This last weekend that is exactly what happened!

Oh Little Squares of Goodness

I was enjoying the speed of Hubby’s new pc and doing random searches. One of those searches ended up on Kitchenaid’s website searching all the fun accessories for the Kitchenaid mixer. I think my jaw hit the floor in excitement and wonder watching the little ravioli maker attachment start rolling out these perfect little squares. Thoughts of all the pasta recipes I’ve found and ravioli recipes would all be a possibility with this one little attachment!

The Problem…

Attachments add up quickly for the mixer, and I wasn’t positive if it is something I would use regularly enough to justify the expense. A few hours later I show up at our monthly couples dinner and find out that some friends love all the attachments for the mixer and are willing to let me borrow them for a few weeks to try them out, including other attachments!

I doubt if I thought about a million bucks it would materialize that fast, but I guess you never know 🙂

Black Thumb

Nicole rose bush.

I mentioned a couples days ago that we were blessed with a couple of rose bushes. Now as the weekend draws closer I’m getting a little nervous as I have tendencies towards a black thumb. If you don’t know what that is let me briefly explain. A green thumb can make any plant grow and flourish. The opposite would assume that I can make any plant die…I have killed a cactus, yes that can happen. I know that Hubby is primarily in charge of all things out doors but I really want to at least help with these and don’t have a clue where to start. If you know any blogs for gardening or have a great tip for getting started please let me know!

And those are my random thoughts for Thursday…let’s celebrate because Friday is tomorrow!


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