It’s A Wrap

Saturday evening has closed in and I’m still shocked at how much was able to be accomplished today. So ready for a movie…maybe a little popcorn and some unwind time!

  1. Finish painting the new office – done
  2. Paint the “nook” in guest room – done
  3. Put dresser and extras into a dried nook – done
  4. Spend quality time with the folks – done

Not to mention Eric knocked a couple of things off his to do list as well. Including fixing our deal of a dresser.You will be able to read more about it this upcoming week. I quipped to him that doing a project a day will keep a nagging wife away :).

Hope your weekend is starting fantastically and continue on to have a fabulous Sunday!

PS…I really don’t nag, just keep a white board on the refrigerator with an ongoing list of what I want him to do and then it gets done on Hubby’s time.


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  1. So cool! Good for you! I love getting stuff done. I started some seriously needed spring “organization” (I call it cleaning). Still have lots to go though. Love the “quip” and the new site look!

    • It is definitely the season for starting organization or spring cleaning! I don’t think it ever truly gets done! Glad you like the new look 🙂

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