House to Home…A Nook Makeover

I love our guest room. Love it. It is the most decorated room in our house and there are just a few more pieces too have it be 100 % complete. I needed to get a new light fixture, headboard, artwork for above the bed, and to do something with this hideous nook!

The Nook.. 


The Odd Space


This space is to the right of the natural closet. It has a step up and some random shelves up on top. I really don’t know what the previous owners goal was for this space. It had multiple colors of paint on it, even old painters tape stuck to the sides!

A Corner Inset…All paint supplies are ready to the side.

I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do and the first step was to include painting it to another color. I wanted to compliment the bed spread and the guest towels. Everything in the room is a chocolate-brown and a blue-tealish sort of color.

Another 5.00 oops can from the Depot!

I love checking out oops paints. You can find the most amazing colors and can’t beat the prices. We already used this color in our music room, but still had a half of can left and it matched perfectly! The towel set was one of the amazing Christmas blessings this past year. Aren’t they pretty?

Ooohhh Aahhh

A bit better. I wanted a dresser for this room that fit into that space on the bottom. It makes great use of the nook without taking up the floor space of the room. So this housewife’s first stop is almost always going to be on Craigslist. Some might argue using it, but I have found amazing deals! I make sure hubby is with me and don’t respond to anything suspicious. So with dimensions in hand I found this cute dresser for $20.Craigslist 

Craigslist Find for March


This dresser while a great deal had a few issues. It is older and solid wood and all of the drawers stuck! We went to the depot to look for a furniture wax of some sort and the cute little old guy with the apron said we’d save more money if we bought a simple bar of soap! So hubby, being on top of his to do list, took all the drawers out and “greased” the edges with a bar of simple soap. Now everything slides like a champ! With dresser in place it just needed a final touch. I wanted to be able to close off the area if not needed.
Another Christmas blessing was a GC to Bed Bath and Beyond. Checking clearance first I found an amazing deal on curtain panels! I got a little shower curtain type rod and now well….it’s about perfect. Will just need to find a cute basket or two and the space is finished!

Designed for a purpose!

And that is how this fabulous housewife does it! Is it sad to admit I’ve been going in there every morning just to admire my new space? I just love it!
Do you have a small space that you are re-doing? What is your latest house to home project?
IHeart Organizing

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