Steak Nachos Anyone?

Last week I mentioned that we were blessed to be given a trial run of different Kitchenaid attachments. The meat grinder, pasta maker, and ravioli maker. Monday night was our “quick super” night as we are alway busy to get back out the door and nachos was the meal of choice.

Calling Contestant # 1….The Meat Grinder

I was amazed at what a snap it was to put together! I situated my pan right below the spout to save a dish.

Ready to Go!

I found a great deal on meat this last weekend with a buy one get one free sale! (Always try and get it when it is on sale…my husband is a typical meat eater!) Then cut it into 3 or 4 inch pieces.

Always excited for BOGO!

Ready to Grind...hmm that sounds a little dirty...

Then used the pusher (I’m sure there is a technical term) to press the meat through. And WALLA! I have an almost no fat ground steak!

Beautiful! Perfection! Magnifico!

Sizzled it up with my favorite seasonings. It was delicious on nachos and I’m sure will add great taste to anything we would want to swap it out with instead of regular hamburger! Added bonus…start to finish of grinding minute was under 5 minutes, including putting together and taking apart!!!!

It's Nacho Time

The meat grinder will have a call back for later auditions and goes onto the must invest in list!


And just because it is Tuesday Levi wanted to say hi!

Say hi! This is his favorite hiding spot under the blankets!

Have you ever ground your own hamburger/turkey/or chicken? What have you used your Kitchenaid for lately?


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