Random Thought Thursday

So glad we are almost to the weekend again. I think that is why I like Thursdays because we are almost there. I feel like my life starts at 4:01 PM Monday – Friday. I am out of work and on my way to adventure with hubby and kids. Maybe the adventure will be trying a new recipe, cleaning the house or even hanging out with friends. No matter what I feel that it is where real life begins. Perhaps it is the wrong idea but work is just my job….NOT my life!

Tomorrow I get to look forward to fresh made ravioli with a spinach ricotta filling and a homemade pomodoro sauce. Oh yes…I go all out.

Fresh...From Scratch...Bliss

And then this weekend my hallway is calling my name and screaming for color! I still can’t get over how happy it makes me to color my space. If you have lived in apartments all your life or your parents weren’t into painting then maybe you understand. You take a blank canvas of a room and then add a splash here or a splash there for accents but when you paint the walls you have your background. Oh soooo happy!

baby easter dress polka dots   

Easter is just a couple of weeks away and I feel like I need a new dress. Makes me want to go shopping for the something summery with frills and a big ol’ hat. This is the time of the year that the parents get to take their kids to find the cute little outfits with the lace stockings, the little sweater vests and slacks for boys. Then pray that they make it through church and a family lunch without anything getting stained or torn. I can’t wait to one day do that!

And those are my random thoughts for Thursday…what are yours?


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