Cleaning Out On Friday

This last few weeks I have been caught up in cleaning, organizing and painting. Inspired by spring coming alive and caught in the craze of spring cleaning. Through my friend Nikki’s blog I discovered I Heart Organizing and their 15 minute challenge of cleaning out your junk drawer. Mine was a disaster, so bad that I didn’t even like to open because I could never find anything! So after a quick trip to the dollar store for some baskets I was ready for the challenge because I wanted to be able to see what was in there.

First Steps

My Starting Point


The first thing to do was obviously dump the entire thing out on the table and see what all had snuck its way to the bottomless pit junk drawer. Please note that at least I had my pens and scissors sort of organized 🙂

Next step was to arrange my dollar store baskets so they fit.

A Perfect Fit

Then I tossed a big stack of paper in the recycling. Found a new home for oversized notebook. Sorted all the random coupons into my new little station for shopping list/coupons. Even tossed a few odds and ends that had no use. 

I then started arranging all leftover items into the little baskets trying to keep similar stuff together so I would always be ready to go. Hubby got advised that all items must be returned to their proper spot so it didn’t go back to the first picture’s stage. 🙂
Finished “junk” drawer….now should just be known as the random drawer….

All Finished

 After one too many empty minded trips to Post Office we had several rolls of tape. Oiy. A little box of the regular tape, stapler and household measuring tape. A box with calculator and notepad. Little basket for the odds and ends and then the best box…


Now my stamps, addresses, cards, labels…IT”S IN THE SAME SPOT!!!! They are blank neutral cards that can be used for any occasion. Whenever we get an address of family or friend it goes into the address book, because who knows when you will end up needing it and usually you will someday end up wishing you had it.

**Bonus tip for organizing addresses and phone numbers in your cell phone….Always have first and last names! Maybe most of you already do this. We just recently got new phones (Yay for first smart phone!) and I realized when updating my contact list that there were multiple people who I only had a first name and due to this I had NO IDEA who they are/were. So they got deleted as I’m not going to call a number that I don’t know who it belongs to. So take the extra second when entering a new contact into your phone and get the last name…It will make life so much easier later on!

If you decide to organize your junk drawer, I’d love to see before/afters! Happy Spring Cleaning!!!


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