Lists VS. Planners

Lately I’ve contemplated going to more of an organizer with time planning instead of my usual list making. Looked at different programs for more time management. Seen lots of blogs with their ideas for time management. What I realized….unless you have a system that works for you/your family all the organizers in the world isn’t going to help.

What I’ve discovered for my family is that lists work. There are long-term lists, weekend lists, etc. The thing about lists is that they are a bit more flexible for us and don’t have to fit in the box. This past weekend was the perfect example. I had a LONG list of things I wanted to accomplish. It didn’t exactly go as planned….

First Detour

Hubby ended up taking a much longer bike ride on Saturday morning and was also invited to go to a Mariners game that night….Poor him right? Well while I was excited for hubs it put MY list out the door right from the get go. I finished 3 loads of laundry, re-organized the laundry room and got new baskets that don’t look tattered and falling out of a dorm room, and painted the hallway.

Second Detour

Thing was I wanted to finish the WHOLE hallway. That entailed taking off the cabinets to paint them. Hubby pointed out that any project in this house is going to be more involved than we were thinking. I thought how difficult can it be to paint a couple of cabinet doors and hang them back up….WRONG.

They have at least 4 coats of paint on them including a white primer paint as the last coat that is peeling like crazy. So I learned how to use the power tool sander. Insert womanly grunt here! Only problem was that each time I got it smooth on a cabinet it started peeling again and we didn’t have any extra sand paper. 😦 Alas Hubby and I did the depot on Sunday and bought some new hardware for the cabinets as they painted all the hardware (seriously!) and more sandpaper.


Good news, hallway is painted this beautiful creamy sand color and well the cabinet doors are still off the wall and it will probably be a week or two to get this project completed. The great thing is that it can just be re-added to my list for next weekend and not feel un-accomplished for this past weekend.

Whenever I use actual planning calendars I feel that I can never keep up and get things done on time. I suppose that is how some people will feel about lists. Main point, find the planning system that works for your family in order to accomplish the things that you want to do…oh and always plan extra time when trying to do a re-model 😦

What time management do you find works best for your family? Are you a list or a calendar person? Have you had any home improvement projects that have gone screwy?

Happy Monday!!


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