Cleaning It Out On Friday

Have you ever opened up the doors under your kitchen sink and then closed them because you didn’t want see all the bottles or smell the smells that come from within that dark space??? Have you ever gone through some of them and realized you have a cleaning product over 5, 10 or more years old? How often can you even find that one cleaner that you wanted to use in the first place??

Inspired by my friends blog nikkilovesbrad I decided to follow suit and try to clean out under my sink. (Sometimes following other blogs is dangerous to your household as it makes you want to clean and do EVERYTHING!) Here is how under our sink started out….

Before...I didn't want to show you the cabinet doors as they still had stains from before we moved in!

I went to the dollar store and purchased some little baskets to help organized and sort out all the chemicals. I tried to throw out anything old or anything I knew we weren’t going to use.

Can't beat a dollar per basket!

I put together a basket for the things used regularly like dishsoap, dishwasher soap etc. A basket for spray cleaners, one for large items like extra city garbage bags, and even bought a little can for brushes.

Once organized it fit back together like this.

Now even the paper towels fit down there!

Now I can show you the doors, spent a while scrubbing them with a cleaner that had been shoved to the back of the cabinet.

Some areas of the house really haven’t needed to be “organized” with little baskets and extra attention, but this under sink area definitely needed it!

What have you cleaned out or organized lately? Have you checked all your cleaners recently and made sure that they were things you will use and haven’t just been sitting around 5 years? What is your favorite cleaner that you will always have on hand??

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Great job! I love organizing! The baskets from the dollar store are an amazing find–I am going to remember that one. We are about to move, and I am so excited (?) about getting everything organized. It gives me so much better of an idea of what I have. And I LOVE to throw out the things we don’t use. My favorite thing about your post today is that you cleaned the cabinet doors with cleaner you found in the back of the cabinet. That’s an organizer at work! 🙂

    • Glad you like going through things and tossing the old items out. It seems the hardest thing for most people is to let go of items.

      The dollar store was a great place and I was surprised at the variety of baskets and totes that they had available!

      Hope things go smoothly for moving and getting everything in order at your new location!

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