The Camera I Love to Hate

Last year Hubs and I went on a vacation to Hawaii. Did good for our budget planning and went with some extra cash in hand. One of the purchases that was slightly unexpected but incredibly worth it was for our Fugifilm XP camera that is water/shock/dust/freeze proof. It took amazing pictures for our snorkeling and adventure on Kauai.

Aren't we adorable??

Then lately when I have been trying to take pictures of all projects indoors for the blog, hoping to inspire people to organize or cook I get what looks like a water spot on the picture. The lens has been cleaned and camera still functions properly, yet the picture looks dirty.

Do you see the spot at the top shelf on the left side??

And then we have today that was crisp and gorgeous outside where our Lughead Levi just wanted to spend the whole day lounging around in the sunshine. (Pretty sure we adopted what used to be an outdoor dog.) So I grabbed the camera and thought I’d try to snap a few of my favorite little boy. No kids yet = lots of pictures of pets. 🙂 And it came out crystal clear. I think I just figured out that my camera doesn’t like the indoors and has decided to show its true personality…Anyways here is my little boy…isn’t he cute???

Lounging in fresh cut grass and sunshine!

 At least the camera overall works quite well, but if you ever see a “water spot” in the photo….well now you know!

Do you have fun photographing your pets? Or do you have technology that has “personality issues”???

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I used to have that problem with my point and click> I think it had to do with a glare from light, but I’m not sure.

    (PS A jelly roll is a type of pre cut fabric. They are 2.5 inch strips and you buy them already cut and mixed with different fabrics. If you google it, you’ll find a lot of options.)

    • Makes sense about the camera. For now it works…it will just have personality!

      I’ve seen jelly rolls before I just hadn’t put that term together with the product. Thanks for filling me in!

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