Random Thought Thursday

Oh friends we are almost to the good “F” word…That is right it is almost FRIDAY! And when it is almost Friday my brain starts to wonder and we end up with random thoughts for Thursdays 🙂 By the way I’m still waiting to see some comments about your random thoughts for the day!

  • If you own your own home, you have to make sure to check out re-stores in your area. Basically it is old windows, doors, glass, tubs, doorknobs, you name it they have odd older and sometimes newer items for fraction of the price as big box stores. Since we moved into our house we haven’t been able to close our bedroom door. Which typically isn’t a bit deal but it leaves a nice hole where the knob is supposed to be. This summer we are at least having a few weeks where we will have guests staying with us. I advised my hubs that this will not be the situation when the guests arrive. Browsing the doorknobs we found a nice handle style knob that is one of the oil-rubbed styles. Looking at the boxstore pricing a similar one cost around 50 and we paid 10. YIPPEE!! I even helped use the power tool and put in a couple of the screws. Go me!
  • The project to paint the hallway and door fronts is still on hold. After buying the sandpaper it caused even more peeling. Come to find out about 3-4 coats down was a glossy paint that was never sanded and is causing havoc on our process. This next weekend we will be buying a chemical stripper and see if we can get down to the wood and start over. Otherwise we will be making our own cabinet doors. Oiy. Weekend project turned to month and a half project by time we finish? Have you ever had a house project go wiry? What happened??
  • I made no-bakes on Tuesday night for guests on Wednesday night. Those cookies are addictive. I really shouldn’t make them but they are so darn yummy and quick to prepare!
  • Found a writing contest through one of the tweeters that I follow. I’m sure there is a technical term, but I shall call them tweeters! Submission deadline is May 2nd. I need to get writing and am going to try to have it finished by this weekend. We’ll see what happens.

And that is it for my Thursday. Hope everyone has a fabulous day and feel free to share your random house project stories or random thoughts in general. I’d love to hear them! If you are a regular follower let me know or subscribe to my blog through the tab on the right of the page!


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