A Little Re-Arranging

You see I have this problem. It isn’t a big one, but it could be considered a quirk. Don’t worry, hubby knew before he married me. See I like to re-arrange furniture on a somewhat regular basis. I start getting ideas for a possible new layout. Then since I’m married now I’ll bring up the idea with hubs. I get the “eh” shoulder shrug and we go on. Well this last Sunday I decided to take matters into my own hands 🙂


We came home from Easter brunch and I looked at our bed and I’m thought, “IT HAS TO MOVE NOW”! I quickly slid it to the opposite wall and then moved the nightstand so it was on the other side of the bed. This created more space in our bedroom previously by adding room in front of the dressers and closet. (This was a very impromtu move or I would have before after pictures.) When my husband walked in, I had the ta da display moment showing off my newest idea. He said that we could try it out for a while. I guess he knows it isn’t a battle worth fighting, because 6 months from now it could be different and a year from now it could be back exactly like it was before.

Surprise on me…

The only thing was that the nightstands landed on the opposite sides of the bed. I just planned on moving our few items and calling it good. Well hubby that with my new idea we would just switch sides of the bed! Over 2 years and he just wanted me to SWITCH???? The pillows were re-arranged and nothing felt weirder than crawling into the wrong side of the bed and being disoriented when the alarm goes off in the morning and trying to locate it. Overall I slept well, but it was still weird.

Have you ever tried sleeping on the opposite side of the bed after you are used to a certain side? Do you have a quirk of having to constantly having re-arrnage furniture?

Happy Monday!


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