Random Thoughts for Thursday

Rolling towards the weekends of what has shaped up to be an insane week! Thank goodness. I can’t wait for the weekend. I’m thankful that the plans for this weekend include having a Scentsy party! And getting to hang out with family!

So random thoughts for this Thursday….

  • You ever notice when a woman tries to describe a vehicle issue to a man it includes a lot of sound effects?
  • _IGP1672photo © 2008 Sheffield Tiger | more info (via: Wylio)

  • The 5 minute cleaning method is amazing. While I haven’t set a timer, I just try to do things as I go. I get up and after shower in the morning I start a load of laundry, home from work dry the laundry, next morning fold it and so the rotation goes. Or actually doing the dishes after meal prep or meal….the kitchen stays amazingly clean! Doing little bits here and there really do help things going smoothly!
  • Teriyaki chicken kabobs with portabella mushrooms and rice is AMAZING and makes a delicious healthy dinner! yay for hubby cooking nights!
  • We’ve gone and done it. We’ve collected and been given enough mugs that we have a “Christmas” collection. They just got boxed up and went with the holiday items. As there are too many total mugs to stay in the cupboard. Sometimes we receive random Christmas presents in April….it works! 🙂

There are the random thoughts of the day! We have one more day we will make it to what hopefully will be a fabulous weekend! Stay strong!


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